Uhuru’s look-alike accused of dumping family after fame

Michael Njogo. [Photo: Courtesy]

Joe Matheri, a former aide to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s look-alike Michael Njogo alias Uhunye has spoken of how he lost his friend to fame.

Matheri in a recent interview with a leading Vlogger said that Njogo let fame get into his mind and he abandoned his family while drinking senseless.

Matheri claimed that soon after Njogo shot into the limelight, his status in society changed but he ended up, allegedly, dumping his wife and kids.

He accused Njogo of squandering money he got after his look alike features with Uhuru went viral.

“I don’t know who gave him the house or who kicked him out of that new house. I suspect it may be a relative of the first family. I visited him and he was not living with his family. His children occasionally visited him too but not his first wife. His children referred to the other women as mothers. Those he picked up after being famous,” he said.

Matheri further claimed that Njogo has become reckless and the new car he was given by Maridady Motors has dents.

“He changed his attitude and started living a posh lifestyle. The car is broken and damaged. The lights, windscreen, bumper and bonnet have been smashed. He appears to be drunk always and damages the car by ramming into every obstacle.”

However, Njogo who a few weeks ago spoke of how some companies used him as a marketing tool in the guise of helping him trashed Matheri’s claims.

Njogo said that he had to move out of the four-bedroom house because he was only being used and was better off living in his old hood.