Uhuru’s look alike ‘Uhunye’ claims some firms used him for marketing purposes

Uhuru's lookalike
Michael Njogo, President Uhuru Kenyatta's look alike. [Photo: Mpasho]

When President Uhuru Kenyatta’s look-alike Michael Njogo popularly known as Uhunye came into the limelight sometime in 2020, well-wishers came in fast and furious gifting him.

But this, as it has turned out, was just a public relations (PR) stunt for some known firms.

Uhunye says they used him as a marketing strategy but did not realize this until the wave settled.

Speaking recently to ex-Tahidi High actor Kibuja on his Blend Entertainment YouTube channel, Uhunye said the he was a pawn by some corporates.

He revealed that he had to move out of a four-bedroom house which he had been gifted by a city realtor because he realized that he was being used.

Uhunye had already moved into the house with his family but lived there for just four months before moving back to Umoja.

“That was not really a house, it was just a story (trick) you know, they only want to use you,” he said posing “Would you go for a big lifestyle where people want to use you?”

“They just want to do adverts with you, just taking advantage. So I decided to go back to the hood,” he added.

Asked if he still holds ownership to a car gifted to him by Maridady Motors, he said he still has the car adding that the firm has been supportive.

However, having a car and no stable job has forced him to take up odd jobs to sustain his needs and those of his family.

Uhunye operates as a taxi rider when his construction business is in low demand.

He is a certified building contractor-cum-mason, a course he has worked on for years to eke a living. He says that jobs have been low since Covid-19 struck but he has not given up.

Uhuru look alike shot to fame in early 2020 after a photo of him went viral on social media.

Many sought to know if he was the President’s brother. His traces his roots back in Nakuru although he says that his mother worked in Gatundu which is President Uhuru’s rural home.