Uhuru’s message to Maraga: Grow a thick skin to handle criticism

President Uhuru Kenyatta wirh Chief Justice David Maraga and Speaker Justin Muturi (Parliament) his Senate Counterpart Kenneth Lusaka. [pscu]

President Uhuru Kenyatta has made a clarion call to the judiciary to be interrogating the effect of their decisions on the growth and prosperity of the country.

Uhuru said the judiciary should make a point of considering its actions when making decisions that will ultimately touch on the lives of Kenyans.

He said any decision by the courts that rides against the desire and prosperity of Kenyans should be well-thought out before it is delivered.

“Judicial authority is sovereign power of the people delegated to the courts through the Constitution,” he said on Friday at the Supreme Court according to the Star during the official release of the report on the state of judiciary and administration of justice by Chief Justice David Maraga.

He added that Kenya’s administration of justice should cut through even to the ordinary citizenry who, too, have an equal right like the elites to have their input considered.

He said though Judiciary is an independent arm of government, there is need for all the three arms to work in tandem with the common goal being offering better service to Kenyans.

“We are all one government, serving one people and the national interests. We are independent but interdependent.”

“The administration of justice is a national responsibility for all organs of Government and all citizens of Kenya.”

“It thus has to be pursued and promoted jointly, across government and at all levels, as a public good,” said the President.

In a rather surprising message to the CJ, Uhuru urged him to grow “resistance” in handling criticism from the political sphere of the country.

He added as told by PSCU: “On this next matter, I speak from my experience as a politician. You ought to accept that criticism comes with the office. Whether in media, in the journals, in the public baraza – and these days, social media –Kenyans will have their say, and little of it will be flattering, or even sensible.

However, that is democracy and as I have learned anyway, one of two things in response first is simply just grow a thick skin CJ.”

The President once criticized the Maraga led apex court after nullification of August 8 polls.

He branded them as ‘wakora’ and vowed to fix them before his re-election.

However, lately, he has toned down his lashing against the judiciary and is instead pushing for a cohesive working relationship.