Uhuru’s promises to Kenyans as he serves last term

President Uhuru Kenyatta takes oath of office for second term [reuters]

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s second term together with his Deputy William Ruto kicked off with their coronation at Kasarani stadium on Tuesday

Uhuru’s second and last term in office is punctuated by unending voices to unite the country after a protracted period of divisive politics.

And hearkening to the call, the President in his inauguration speech made pledges to Kenyans which he will strive to keep at all costs.

Top in Uhuru’s agenda will be working for all Kenyans, tribe and political affiliation notwithstanding.

“I will be the President of all. And I will devote my time and energy to build bridges to unite and bring prosperity to all Kenyans,” he said amid cheers by a multitude of over 60, 000 Kenyans at the stadium.

And the most important aspect, he pledged to unite the country.

“I undertake to be the custodian of the dreams of all and the keeper of the aspirations of those who voted for me and those who did not.

The path to a better future is unity. We can build a nation in which we live in peace with our brothers and sisters whatever part of the country they come from, whichever way we worship God, whatever language we speak.”

In a statement seemingly addressing his feud with opposition Chief Raila Odinga, he said leaders must respect the choice and will of the people.

He also said that he will incorporate their [opposition] ideas to push Kenya forward.

“We may have chosen different candidates and different visions, but each one of us voted for a better life.

“To my competitors, in the spirit of inclusivity, I will endeavour to incorporate some of their ideas. The election was not a contest between a good dream and a bad dream. It was a contest between two competing visions,” said the President.

He was sworn-in for a second term amid a tense political scenario in the country.

His archenemy, Raila, minutes after he took presidential oath, told his supporters in Donholm that he will be “sworn-in as President” through the People’s Assembly on December 12.

“Uhuru Kenyatta is not the President of Kenya. We will not be sworn-in like [Ugandan Opposition leader Kizza] Besigye. We will be sworn-in like it was done with [Emmerson] Mnangagwa in Zimbabwe,” declared Raila on Tuesday as quoted by the Star.

“They have sworn-in Uhuru as President. We will also have a swearing-in.”

Undeterred by opposition moves to sabotage his regime, the President went ahead to promise Kenyans better service delivery from the government sector.

He promised to create 500, 000 new home owners in the next five years, free day secondary education, universal healthcare and employment opportunities for youths.

He also promised Africans visiting Kenya a visa at point of entry. This means they can live, work and marry in Kenya and live like bona fide citizens.