July 20, 2018

UK Minister for Africa congratulates Kenya on elections, urges presidential candidates to maintain peace

The UK congratulates the Kenyan people for turning out in such high numbers on election day.

”We call on all Kenyans and international partners to continue to work together in the spirit of peace, partnership and democracy over the coming hours and days, and to await the final outcome as determined by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), which must be given the time and space to complete its important work, including investigating any evidence of fraud.

We urge all political parties and candidates to remember that Kenya and Kenyans matter more than any candidate, party or election, and to refrain from any actions or statements which could heighten tensions whilst the country awaits the vote outcome. Any disputes should be addressed through the established resolution mechanisms, in line with Kenya’s constitution.

The UK stands with the people of Kenya at this important moment in history; we look forward to continuing to work together as friends and partners.”




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