December 13, 2018

UK’s most wanted fugitive believed to be hiding in Mombasa, Tanzania

Gareth Johnson. []

Kenyans with information regarding UK’s most wanted fugitive, Gareth Johnson, have been urged to share it with the authorities.

The 50-year old British national is believed to be hiding in Kenya’s coast, Mombasa or in Tanzania.

“We think he could be in East Africa, possibly Kenya or Tanzania,” an advert placed on a local daily read according to the Standard.

In an advert placed on a local daily, anyone with information that could lead to his arrest stands to win a financial reward.

Garteh is wanted by UK authorities for multi-million pounds tax fraud which they executed as a gang where his father, Geoffrey Johnson was also involved.

“Gareth Johnson, 50, is one of the United Kingdom’s most wanted tax fugitives. Gareth and his father Geoffrey Johnson, both originally from Forfar in Scotland, were part of an-18-person crime gang,” reads part of the advert.

Further, the advert stated that Gareth skipped court in 2013 where he was facing trial over multi-million tax fraud in England. He was however, sentenced to 12 years in prison in his absence.

He has remained on the run since then.

“He was due to stand trial in England for a multi-million pound tax fraud in 2013 but he did not attend court. He was sentenced to twelve years in prison in his absence. He is on-the-run,” added the advert.

Gareth together with his father, Geoffrey Johnson were part of a 18-member gang accused of tax fraud.

In 2016, a UK Court ordered the Johnson’s to re-pay 109 million pounds which they had defrauded the government or face an extra 14 years behind bars and will still be in debt to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Gareth’s father was arrested in Dubai in July last year after travelling from Mombasa on a false passport.

HMRC whisked him away to UK where he stood trial and was sentenced. He is currently doing time in jail.

Gareth stares at a 26-year jail term according to HMRC. “Gareth should be in jail for 26 years. He should pay back a lot of money.”



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