UN withdraws Mukhisa Kituyi’s rights after scandal

Mukhisa Kituyi
Presidential hopeful Dr Mukhisa Kituyi. [Photo: Courtesy]

The United Nations has withdrawn diplomatic rights for aspiring presidential candidate Mukhisa Kituyi.

Mukhisa served as the UNCTAD boss until recently when he resigned to focus on his presidential bid in 2022.

A diplomatic passport is issued to diplomats and consul workers who are stationed abroad, as well as individuals employed by the government of a specific jurisdiction.

Mukhisa held it by virtue of working with UNCTAD.

He has been in the eye of a storm following a scandal with a twilight girl in Mombasa.

The woman accused him of assaulting her after rejecting her advances.

A few days later, an explicit video emerged allegedly of him and a woman making merry in a house.

He, however, issued a statement regarding a viral explicit video allegedly showing him in the act.

He dismissed it as fake maintaining that it was skewed and edited to tarnish his name.

He said that those behind it had an ill motive and intended to thwart his presidential ambition but he will not fall for the act.

“I, therefore, dismiss the photoshopped edited video doing rounds on social media purporting to expose my private parts. It doesn’t in any way whatsoever depict the true representation of my private organs. I want to distance myself from such false and untrue malicious stories destined at killing my political career,” part of his statement read.

He posted the statement on his Facebook page. He also deleted his Twitter handle.