Unemployed Kenyans could soon start working abroad in new State plan

Jobless Kenyans. [Photo: Business Daily]

The Kenyan government has embarked on easing and streamlining the process of working abroad for Kenyans in its quest to end unemployment in the country.

Through the Ministry of Labour headed by Simon Chelugui, the government is on its final lap in polishing up a strategy with some Middle East countries in high demand for skilled Kenyan workers under TBEN programme.

“Through the National Employment Authority (NEA), we are also in the process of concluding bilateral labor agreements with Bahrain, Oman, Jordan and Kuwait and a skilled workforce for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” Chelugui stated.

Ideally, under TBEN, unemployed Kenyans could be allowed to migrate, live and work in other countries such as Canada, Australia, Poland and the UK without much hassle.

In the Middle East, there are massive job opportunities in the hospitality, construction, security, transport, cleaning and domestic service industries.

NEA now has a daunting task of crafting a way through which skilled but jobless Kenyan workers can travel abroad and secure jobs.

Once this is operationalized, about 400,000 jobless Kenyans could enter the job market abroad.

In the recent past though, there have been complaints from Kenyans working the Middle East of mistreatment and poor working conditions, something that has borne fear in many people who now dread working in the Gulf.

The Labour Ministry also indicated that it will build a migrant worker protection fund with the view of supporting Kenyans working abroad during an emergency.

Centres across the country with detailed specifications and requirements will also be set up for ease of access to job opportunities for unemployed Kenyans.