Upcoming artiste Zian Achana allegedly murdered KDF husband with three major bites

Zian Achana
Upcoming local artiste Violet Asale alias Zian Achana. [Photo: Courtesy]

The family of deceased Kenya Defence Forces private based in Gilgil 44 Rangers Daniel Omollo Onyango is yet to come to terms with the sudden death of their son.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI), Onyango’s death was as a result of three major bites by his 27-year-old musician wife, Violet Asale popularly known as Zian Achana.

Investigations cite that Omollo, 37, returned to their Kahawa Wendani home on Saturday night and was angry with his wife due to her decision-making.

Zian, an upcoming secular artiste had secured a one-bedroom rental apartment on Mirema Drive, Zimmerman where she conducted her music activities.

This did sit well with the deceased who sought answers as to why this happened and an argument ensued.

Omollo demanded answers as to who pays the rent for the house in Mirema Drive and who else lives there. He was so infuriated that he refused to take supper as his relatives watched helplessly.

A fight broke out later between the couple who were in the bedroom.

According to Nation, neighbours say they had an altercation at 1 am before Zian’s scream was heard but it faded away.

It was after this that Omollo’s sister and aunt came out of the house asking for help to wheel the officer to hospital.

“We asked them what had happened and they said the couple had fought and that they needed a car to take the officer to the hospital,” a neighbour recalled.

Zian frantically tried contacting Kahawa Garisson for medical aid but ended up getting a Toyota Vitz that rushed the Ranger to hospital.

On their way, they met the military ambulance from Kahawa Garisson.

“They travelled to the hospital with this car (a Toyota Vitz), but before they could get to the hospital, they met the ambulance rushing to the house and had the nurse check on the officer. The nurse pronounced him dead and asked them to go back home with the body and call the police,” another neighbour said.

Police from Kimbo Police Station accompanied by DCI officers quickly arrived at the scene.

Police reports indicate that Zian bit off Omollo’s finger, his right-hand part of the chest and the back of the shoulder.

“So angry was the officer that he refused to partake the night’s dinner. This led to an argument resulting into a physical fight at about 1am in which the deceased bit his wife on the shoulder. The wife also bit the deceased’s finger, right side of the chest and back of the shoulder,” a source from the investigating team said.

From the bites, the KDF officer bled profusely which is when his wife and relatives tried to get help to resuscitate him since he was convulsing.

“Realising he had developed convulsions and was sliding to his death, the wife rushed him to Kahawa Garrison Health Centre but it was too late to save his life. His body was cold and without a pulse,” DCI George Kinoti said on Twitter.

Zian remains behind waiting for arraignment on Tuesday even as DCI detectives continue with the murder probe.