Upcoming Kenyan DJ delivers a captivating show on 254 Diaspora Djs Live on The Mix with his laptop-mix flair

A logo of the 254 Diaspora Djs Live on the Mix. Photo: Courtesy

With slightly over 70, 000 followers in just a month, 254 Diaspora Djs Live on the Mix Facebook group has turned out to be a stepping stone for many budding deejays.

For the DJ, he has the group to thank for a boost in his trade after entertaining them with virtual deejay programme on his laptop, a far cry from what other deejays have staged.

He presented his live set on Wednesday evening and not even a power outage that hit his two-hour performance drained his spirits. He quickly looked for backup power from his neighbors in the village and went back to entertaining his fans.

Touched by his bravery and resilience, viewers dug into their pockets and raised money to help the 23-year-old purchase a full deejaying set including a turntable and other equipment.

According to Nairobi News, the DJ’s skills are self-taught at local cyber cafés using free software. “I just train at the cyber cafe when I have funds on how to use software like virtual DJ, scratch live and Serato – that is how I have learned some deejaying basics,” he said adding “My role models are DJ Joe Mfalme, DJ Moh and his brother Nick Dee.”

With the funds, he implored that he is now ready to make a career out of deejaying. “I am happy to have raised just enough money to buy good equipment and I plan to build just a small studio in the near future where I can train more upcoming deejays in my neighborhood,” he pledged.

One of the viewers who was awed by his skill pledged to support Avexy with professional deejaying software.

254 Diaspora Djs Live on the Mix was formed in early March. In a fortnight, it had 52,000 members and one month down the line it boasts of a membership of 70,000.

George Mokuasi, one of the brains behind the formation of the group said their drive is to ensure that every deejay out there is given a chance to showcase his/her talent in the set.

“This proves that we don’t discriminate and the true purpose of the group is to give every deejay a chance no matter the background and current status,” he stated.

He added: “With the amount raised the plan is now to ensure he gets proper deejaying equipment and a MacBook Laptop to kickstart his professional deejaying career.”

Editor’s Note:

The figure for the amount raised was deleted due to the security concerns of the recipient. The DJ’s name, image, and location have also been edited to protect him.