January 19, 2020

US Ambassador Robert Godec under siege as NASA wants him recalled

A section of MPs allied to the opposition are calling for the recall of US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec.

They say Godec has publicly exhibited bias in dispensation of his mandate as US ambassador.

ODM Secretary for Political Affairs Opiyo Wangayi (Ugunja MP) yesterday said they are drafting a petition for presentation before the US Senate in their quest to have Godec recalled.

More like-minded MPs and I will petition the US government using the relevant and official channels to raise our concerns over this grave matter,” Wandayi said as quoted by Daily Nation.

He added that Godec’s continued stay in Kenya was “injurious” to the relationship between Kenya and the US.

“Mr Godec’s continued stay in the country is injurious to the long-term relationship between the people of Kenya and the US,” noted Wandayi.

Noting he is not against US President Donald Trump administration, he categorically stated that Godec has projected himself as an envoy to just a section of Kenyans.

He accused the envoy of harboring vendetta against NASA leader Raila Odinga. “We are aware that he seems to have profound vendetta against Nasa leader Raila Odinga after the last general election.

This was confirmed on January 30, when Mr Godec convinced the other Nasa principals to isolate Mr Odinga as he took “oath” as the people’s president.”

Further, he stated, “He has not been objective as required in representing Kenya’s views to his country. His views have been highly skewed and partisan. He is doing diplomacy for a few.”

Godec has over time been paying the role of neutral arbiter trying to talk NASA out of the ‘swearing-in’ plan while calling on Jubilee leadership to hold national dialogue with the opposition.

In January, he met the leadership of the National Assembly and the Senate for the opposition and also for Jubilee with the same gospel but NASA did not back down. Jubilee did not also soften its hardline stance on the dialogue call.

But even with all these efforts, Wandayi was critical saying that, “His pretentious brokering for dialogue could not be taken seriously. He lost the moral authority to be a neutral arbiter.”

In response to US’ stand that it does not recognized Raila as the People’s President, Wandayi noted that the decision was out of misinformation.

“The feeling we have is that the administration has not been given the true account of the situation in Kenya right from the campaign period to elections and beyond,” he said.

“The statements they are issuing could be based on misinformation.”