April 19, 2018

US deports 5 Kenyans, 67 Somalis over “immigration issues” (Video)

By Jamhuri News Reporter

The standard newspaper is reporting that five Kenyans are among 72 people deported from the US arriving at JKIA on Friday morning. The individuals are said to have been picked up from several states before the private jet left the US.

The rest, who are said to be from Somalia, are reported to have proceeded to Mogadishu while the five Kenyans joined their families after recording statements at JKIA.

They are said to have lacked proper immigration documentation among other things hence their deportation.

”For the Kenyans, we’ve seen some of them having cases of drug trafficking, sexual offenses, violence, and even robery” Said KTN reporter who spoke to officers at JKIA police station.

The number of those expected to arrive was 88, including 7 Kenyans, but only 72 arrived. The 67 Somalis are said to have been handcuffed while Kenyans were not.



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