US Embassy Nairobi employee found dead at a city hotel

US Embassy Nairobi
US Embassy Nairobi. [Photo courtesy]

A senior American official recently deployed as the head of security at the US Embassy in Nairobi was committed suicide.

Source from the embassy say that the 58-year-old man had been in isolation at a local hotel and was expected to start his new duties on Wednesday.

However, he did not show up and his phone went unanswered. It is then that a few officials together with a security team from the embassy visited him at the hotel and found his door locked.

They knocked severally and no one opened the door. They broke it down and found the US national dangling from the ceiling, not too far from the window.

A suicide note was also found in the room.

One of the officials told K24 that: “The body was found hanging near the room window. He seemed to have died long before security team arrived there.”

His body was transported to the morgue awaiting an autopsy while police conduct investigation to ascertain if he is the one who authored the suicide note.

The US Embassy in Nairobi is yet to reveal the identity of the deceased but has confirmed that one of their officials passed on.

“We can confirm the death of a U.S. government employee. U.S. Embassy Nairobi extends its deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of the deceased,” the spokesperson said.