US gives Kenya Ksh5 billion for coronavirus response as 307 new cases are confirmed

US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter. [Photo courtesy]

Kenya on Wednesday recorded the highest number of COVID-19 cases at 307.

The total caseload is now 6, 673.

Health CAS Dr Rashid Aman in his daily brief at Afya House said they tested 3,591samples. Cumulatively, Kenya has tested 173, 355 samples so far.

Of the 307 new cases, 289 are Kenyans while 18 are foreigners. The youngest is one year old and the oldest is 81 years.

Nairobi recorded the highest number of cases with 154, followed by Mombasa with 38, Machakos 33, Kiambu, Narok and Kajiado had 14 each.

Kilifi and Nakuru recorded one case each.

Fifty more people were discharged bringing the total recoveries to 2, 089.

Sadly, one more person died bringing the total number of deaths to 149.

The number of cases increased as the US government pledged to offer Ksh5.3 billion to Kenya in the fight against coronavirus.

US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter in a statement on Tuesday said that the funds will be channelled through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

“The American people have always been generous to those in need around the world, and today Kenya is facing the compound challenges of Covid-19, flooding, and locusts.

“We are focusing on ensuring resources get to the counties and communities because Kenya’s communities are Kenya’s greatest asset in overcoming these challenges,” McCarter stated.

From the grant, Ksh1.5 billion will be channelled towards the health and water departments in a bid to enhance communication and community engagement across the country.

A further Ksh2.5 billion will go towards funding SMEs which have been crippled by the pandemic.

Online distance learning will gobble up Ksh610 million.

Through the financial support by the US, more than 1,600 health workers have been trained in 35 counties.

A recent report by AidData, a research lab whose findings were released by the US Embassy in Nairobi recently indicated that the US has funded Kenya to a tune of Ksh9.3 billion in the last five years.