VIDEO: A group of Kenyans converge in Maryland in solidarity with President Uhuru re-election

As Kenya diaspora continues to grow bigger each year, the community remains adamant in pushing the agenda that would allow them participate in Kenya general elections and other nation building affairs.

A group of Kenyans in the USA converged in Maryland on Saturday in a show of solidarity with President Uhuru’s government and his re-election.

The event, which was covered by a Daily Nation correspondent in USA-Chris Wamalwa, attracted supporters of President Uhuru and his deputy William Ruto.

”This event is in support of UhuRuto TanoTena, we’re excited and we want them to continue doing what they have been doing, advancing Kenya,” Said Jane Waithera of Uhuruto Diaspora Team.

”Kenya is our home and we have families there, when things don’t work out well it also affects us. Every concern that our families have are our concerns because we’re deeply rooted,” Said Joseph who is originally from Eldoret.

The group of Kenyans agreed to ask their families back home to re-elect President Uhuru and maintain peace during and after the polls.

Photos courtesy of Chris Wamalwa