Video: Gun drama outside the Supreme Court as NASA principals fight for Wetangula, armed bodyguard to be let in

The Supreme Court was under tight security as the presidential petition filed by Mr. Raila Odinga commenced on Monday.

National Super Alliance Principals arrival at the courts was a bit dramatic after Wetangula and his bodyguard were denied entry to the Supreme Court for carrying a fire arm.

A scuffle ensued between security guards manning the gates, NASA principals and one of their security men.

Raila and Wetangula were heard yelling at security guards, as they almost lost their cool.

”This is our security, he’s an officer just like you, behave yourself” Wetangula told the guards at the gate.

”Gentlemen, I am the one who has brought the case to the court, I’m the one who decides who comes with me” Raila charged.

A notice posted on the entrance reads clearly that ”No arms beyond this point”.

Wetangula’s armed bodyguard forced himself inside the premises with help from the principals. However, the bodyguard was later disarmed and held at the Supreme Court.

By Jamhuri News Reporter