[VIDEO] Jubilee MP to face prosecution over argument with IEBC official

Kandara MP Alice Wahome. []

A Jubilee MP faces prosecution over harassment of an IEBC official who was on duty in her constituency.

Kandara MP Alice Wahome allegedly engaged in a heated argument with IEBC returning officer Martin Malonza over changes to form 34 B for Kandara.

In a video doing rounds in the social media, the MP is heard exchanging angry words at the retuning officer who insists that he is just doing his job.

She explained to the Star that: “I was 10 minutes away from the centre when my agents called, alerting me that Malonza had refused to let them sign. I called the RO to ask him to wait for me but he did not pick so I asked my agents to delay the process.

“He then took the forms and wrote a report that they had not signed and transmitted the results without the signatures. This is when I arrived and it’s from there that the video is recorded.”

She said upon verifying the results, she found out that a whole stream of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s 440 votes had not been included.

IEBC in response on the matter termed the incident regrettable and punishable.

“We take great exception to the manner in which [Wahome] harassed an IEBC official performing his duties. Such is an electoral offence that must be punished,” said IEBC via twitter.

The Act is expressly clear that anyone who blocks an IEBC officer from discharging his/her duty commits an electoral offence punishable by law.

It states: “A person who obstructs or hinders any elections officer, candidate or agent in the execution of their lawful duties commits an offence and is liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding five hundred thousand.”