July 19, 2018

(Video) Meet The Real Githeri Man- Martin Kamotho from Kayole

By Sylvia Karimi- Jamhuri News

Many stars owe the internet their fame and popularity. The internet has made one Kayole #Githeriman an overnight star. Githeri man is the latest internet sensation amid the excitement and anxiety during this election period.

Kenyans are known for their wicked sense of humor. They seize any opportunity given to them to make a joke. True to their nature, they did not hesitate to make hilarious memes after pictures went around showing the man devouring his githeri in a paper bag as he queued to cast his vote.

Shortly after the polls closed, githeri man was already trending. The most popular memes place him next to Kim Kardashian, in the state house, with salt bae, Uhuru and Obama.

Who is this man who turned into an overnight sensation? Till today morning Kenyans only speculated on who this man is.

They chose to refer to him as githeri man. Citizen TV went on a fact-finding mission and found the man in his home. Meet Martin Kamotho, a humble man who loves his githeri as much as he does his country. The

The 41-year-old is a county government cleaner who resides in Kayole and is married with one daughter. He casually states that he was hungry and opted to buy some roadside

He casually states that he was hungry and opted to buy some roadside githeri served to him in a clear polythene bag. He then returned to his line where he ate his githeri in peace as he patiently waited for his turn to cast his vote.

Already he is a well sought after by different companies and personalities among them Daniel Ndambuki a.k.a Churchill who hosts a comedy show. Churchill posted his photo on Facebook asking Kenyans to identify the man so they can make him famous.

Britannia, a company that manufactures biscuits is also said to have invited him, possibly for a business deal.  Brittania posted a message asking who the man is. As it appears, Martin has his prayers answered. He might soon land some lucrative deals and favors.

Despite the rumors and fake news showing Kenya burning up in flames, Martin has been a unifying factor bringing Kenyans together with some light-hearted comedy.



Here are some of the top memes featuring Githeri man.





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