[VIDEO]: Meet young poetic comedian ‘Professor Kihii Original’ tickling guests in dowry, wedding ceremonies

Joshua Mukuha
Joshua Mukuha from Laikipia County. [Photo: Courtesy]

Joshua Mukuha is not your average kid; he is one of a kind with special talent which he propagates under his comedy brand “Professor Kihii Original”.

Mukuha is a Form Two student and hails from Marmanet, Laikipia County.

For the better part of the week, he has been trending online after a video of him tickling guests at a dowry ceremony in Laikipia emerged.

He mixes words of wisdom with Kikuyu benga songs to send his message home in an expressive but funny manner. This is just one of his tactics among many.

This is what has warmed the hearts of Kenyans.

In a recent interview with Kameme FM, Mukuha now 15 years old said that he loves entertaining people.

His is a talent that he has nurtured with the support of his family and he loves it whenever he is asked to render his services in a wedding or dowry ceremony in his village where his fame supersedes that of the MCA.

Mukuha while speaking of his latest viral clip said that he did not know that it would go viral and is happy although he would have it if he was the one who uploaded it online.

Mama Mukuha as his mother is popularly referred to as said that she has been part of her son’s journey in comedy.

“I am the one who writes it for him and he presents it in his way. He is talented and he loves this so I support him a lot,” she said.

Mukuha started reciting hilarious poems with a touch of humour in 2014 while still in primary school.

He participated in the Kenya Music Festivals and topped nationally for four years in a row before joining secondary school.

Mukuha says he is happy that he can entertain people but is looking forward to making money from the same. He is invited to weddings and dowry ceremonies to tickle people with his witty poems.

He already has a YouTube channel where he has uploaded his performances.

Her mother says she is ready for support and can be reached on 0715349763.