Video of Omosh high as a Kite emerges in an undated video

Forrmer Tahidi High actor Omosh. [Photo: Courtesy]

Hard times for former Tahidi High actor Peter Kinuthia are far from over after an undated video emerged showing him drunk.

In the viral video doing rounds on social media, a smartly dressed Omosh is seen staggering and walking with the help of another man beside him.

His trouser and blazer are partly soiled, an indication he fell to the ground after his indulgence.

The video emerged on Monday morning and has gotten Kenyans questioning if or not Omosh has reformed from his alcoholism.

On Friday last week, Omosh triggered a debate after asking Kenyans to help him once more.

He said that the money he got from Kenyans went into paying debts. He added that he “got less than a million shillings”.

“People pledged money that I have never received. I got less than a million which I used to settle my debts,” he lamented.

This angered Kenyans who scolded him for making unwise financial decisions.

Following these developments, Omosh in a short clip on Saturday asked Kenyans to go slow on him because “shida haziishangi”.

He, however, thanked all those who have stood with him.

“You came through for me, now a house is standing and thanks a lot. But what is paining me is questions about where I took the money. I sorted out debts. I had a lot of problems and problems never end.

“Blogger please go easy on me, I am okay I was sorted,” he stated.

Some of his former colleagues at Tahidi High are worried that he may end up selling his house which is under construction courtesy of well-wishers.