[VIDEO] Ruto’s adopted last born daughter awes Kenyans with her sharpness

Deputy President William Ruto With Nadia Cherono, his last born [,ke]

Kenyans cannot have enough of Deputy President William Ruto’s last born daughter Nadia Cherono due to her sharpness even at a tender age.

Nadia is Ruto’s adopted and last born daughter.

The DP adopted the little and adorable girl in 2015 after her story touched him.

The young girl who was an infant at the time had been buried and some of her body parts were decomposing.

She was rescued and put up at Madre Ippolita Children’s Home where she received specialized treatment.

This is where the DP together with his wife Rachel Ruto went and adopted the young girl who has since become a member of their family.

Ruto named her after his mother.

Nadia struck Kenyans on Tuesday in a viral video doing rounds on social media.

The DP together with his family were filmed by K24 as they left their Karen residence for the inauguration ceremony in Kasarani on Tuesday.

The young girl could not leave her father’s side. She playfully engaged him as he impatiently waited for his wife and first born son, Nick Ruto to come out of the house.

And when he decided to test her wit, she gave and equal challenge with straight and eloquent answers.

In fact, she declared she would not ride with the rest of the family to Kasarani but would with his dad in his official car.