[VIDEO]: Standard 8 pupil designs an artistic impression of a modern isolation centre for COVID-19 patients

Medical workers in protective suits attend to novel coronavirus patients at the intensive care unit (ICU) of a designated hospital. [Photo by China Daily]

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking the world by storm, it has given a platform to a Standard 8 pupil from Migori County to showcase his great skill in architectural design.

Joe Noel has designed an impressive blueprint of a modern isolation centre for COVID-19 patients.

Noel who hails from Nyamome village is using cardboard to model his modern isolation centre and everything fits perfectly.

He says the thought of coming up with the centre was informed by struggles Kenyans on isolation in designated centres by the government are facing. In particular, Noel said he is against the use of learning centres as isolation facilities.

“I developed the idea after watching the news about the coronavirus outbreak in the world. I was uncomfortable with the government’s proposal to demarcate learning institutions as treatment centres for Covid-19. I believe this will worsen the situation after schools reopen,” he told the Star.

Eliud Ochieng, Noel’s father, implored that his son has in the recent past developed noble innovations for school and church projects in the area.

The Assar Johanson Primary School pupil has labelled this blueprint “Maximus Isolation Centre”. In him, is a deep conviction that if adopted by the government, it will go a long way addressing shortcomings seen with the isolation of COVID-19 suspected patients.

The blueprint has a line of three stretchy buildings with a capacity to hold 1,000 patients and sterilization zones. Each block is autonomous; it has a holding, isolation, treatment and recovery area with all amenities that a hospital should have.

He now hopes that the government will implement his plan citing it is built on eco-friendly practices through the use of solar power.

“I hope the government will notice my plans and implement it because the project will use solar energy which is much cheaper and reliable. I would like to be part of the implementation because it will not interfere with my education,” he said.