Wanjaro Junior’s family in distress as singer threatens to kill himself over Ksh700,000 debt

Irungu Wanjaro
Irungu Wanjaro alias Wanjaro Junior. [Photo: Courtesy]

The family of benga artist Wanjaro Junior, the younger brother to the late Mwalimu George Wanjaro is distressed over his disappearance.

Wanjaro Junior – real name Irungu Wanjaro – sent his family a distress message telling them to look for him at River Sagana where he will drown himself.

They say the singer has Ksh700,000 debts that have pushed him to the edge.

“Don’t look for me, I am in River Sagana stress will kill me,” his text message read.

The Wanjaro family was cast in a bad light after his widow, Maureen Wanjaro narrated how her in-laws disinherited her after the singer’s death.

Maureen, who now sings in a band, said her in-laws sold off a plot of land where her husband was buried.

“They sold everything, including the land where George was buried. Today I can’t visit where he was buried,” she recalled.

She sank into depression and closed her salon business in Thika town that Wanjaro had opened because she couldn’t get the energy to work.

With time, she decided to take the battle to court and sued the family for disinheriting her and luckily, she won but is yet to get anything back.

Her son, a teenager, Johashapat Kanyoro Njaro, alias JKrules Wanjaro Junior, is still very bitter about the incident.

He is also in music and recently released a few songs.

The new song titled ‘Munyaka Wa Lencer’ is a benga hit, drawing its lessons from the immorality seen in the 21st century.

‘Munyaka wa Lencer’ speaks about young girls who have found a cash cow old men enough to be their fathers christened ‘sponsors’.
A while back, he urged his fans to support him in his new journey in music.

“I have a few songs that I have written, others are those that my father wrote but did not get a chance to release them because he died early,” he said.

JKrules appealed for financial support from fans to continue his father’s musical dream.