Wanjaro’s father refuses to bury son insisting he was killed

Irungu Wanjaro

Njaro Wairatu the father of the late benga singer Edward Irungu Wanjaro alias Wanjaro Junior has refused to bury his son.

The father says that police have hurdled investigations into his son’s death which he insists was murder and not suicide.

He accuses investigators of covering up his son’s murder and that detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have abandoned the case without recording his statement.

“Investigators have taken advantage of my poverty to treat my assertions as creations of a mad man. I will, in turn not bury him. Let his killers bury him. I won’t use my land to cover the truth,” he told Nation.

He insists that burying his son without the truth coming out is an act of self-destruction.

“(Burying him is) tantamount to burying the raw truth that my son was murdered,” stated the father.

According to reports, the singer left his Kasarani home on July 14 and sent a text message to his family telling them to look for him at Sagana River.

He decried being stressed out over a Ksh700,000 debt.

“When I go missing, don’t waste a lot of time looking for me. My body will be in Sagana River,” his message read.

However, his father says his son was not in any debt and was of sound mind. On the day he went missing, Wairatu says his late son called him at 4:30 pm sounding scared.

“He told me a certain businessman was stressing him over a deal they had signed in Nairobi. He said the trader was demanding money from him over the botched deal,” Wairatu stated.

A day after the message went viral, his body was found floating at Masinga Dam while his car was found abandoned at River Tana.

But a postmortem conducted at Embu Level Five hospital mortuary indicated that the singer died due to drowning.

Dr Phillys Muhonja, a Forensic Physician at the hospital said the singer’s trachea was obstructed thereby blocking his airways and eventually led to his death.

She added that upon observation, the body appeared to have recently been removed from the water. The report shows he died three days before his body was retrieved at the Masinga Dam.

The pathologist said his body had no injury contrary to what his father Wairatu Njaro insists.