Wanjigi embroiled in sh16.5M debt row with helicopter charter service firm

Business mogul Jimmy Wanjigi []

Billionaire businessman Jimmy Wanjigi together with his two companies have been sued by a helicopter charter service firm, Lady Lori for failing to settle sh16.5 million debt he owes the company.

Lady Lori moved to court seeking barring orders against Wanjigi and his two establishments, Tyl Limited and Kwacha Group of Companies from taking back his chopper from the firm’s hangar.

Wanjigi’s two companies contracted Lady Lori in 2014 to service the aircraft and provide a helicopter for him in the event his was not in good shape.

In 2015, the two companies sought for hangar services from Lady Lori which was to be included in the fee that is now standing at sh16.5 million.

But the firm now says that the businessman allied to NASA wants to take his helicopter without settling the debt that has accumulated since 2015.

However, Wanjigi and his Kwach Group of Companies have not responded to the suit yet. But Tyl has filed an objection to the suit.

Tyl maintains it is being coerced into paying debts owed by Wanjigi and Kwacha Group of Companies.

The company also states that the helicopter in question has not been used for two years.

But Lady Lori in court papers, as quoted by Daily Nation dismisses Tyl saying: “Vide a helicopter maintenance agreement, Lady Lori was approached by Tyl Limited to maintain its helicopter 5Y-JWJ to which Lady Lori agreed. Further to an oral aircraft agreement, Tyl Limited requested Lady Lori to place its helicopters at the disposal of Jimi Wanjigi at all times when its helicopter shall be under maintenance and is not airworthy.”

“But Tyl Limited in a clear and elaborate mischief has sought to disown its contractual obligations relating to the maintenance and charter agreements and only seeks to honour the hangarage agreement, which it is also disputing in a bid to avoid paying the full outstanding amounts,” adds Lady Lori’s accounts manager Joseph Githiga.

In its evidence, the helicopter charter services fir has attached invoices of maintenance and charter services offered to businessman.

Tyl, however, dismisses Lady Lori’s accusation as a ploy to renege on a contract it entered into with it.

By Pharis Kinyua. He is an online Journalist and an author for Jamhuri News.