‘Wash wash’ guys approached me to launder money in State House, Big Ted narrates

Big Ted
Thomas Kwaka alias Big Ted. [Photo: Ebru]

For the first time, Thomas Kwaka alias Big Ted has spoken of his temptation to work with money launderers while working at State House as the Deputy Director for branding and events.

In a recent interview with comedian Jalang’o on his YouTube channel, Big Ted spoke of a tempting moment when “wash wash” people tried to box him into a lucrative deal three years ago.

All that was needed from him was to accept the deal and he would get colossal amounts of money in return.

“I had the opportunity to do wash wash, to do crazy deals even while at State House, but I didn’t,” he said during the interview.

Big Ted was at the time reeling in a Ksh15 million debt which his entertainment company, Main Events had accrued as a result of making poor financial decisions.

“In my life, I have been bankrupt twice, the latest being three years ago… I was bankrupt while working at State House.” 

“I will never forget what she ‘Wash operative’ told me that day when I left the office. She said, Ted, if we agree today, then nobody you owe money will call you again. I left that place with nothing, but I left free,” he recalled.

However, his conscience would not allow him to make the deal in as much as he viewed it as a “low risk”.

He added that after a “meeting with his soul” he picked up the phone and called “wash wash” operative declining the deal.

To him, trust was more important than the money being offered.

Dennis Itumbi, a former director for Innovation and diaspora communication at the Office of the President also spoke of being approached by the same people.

He turned down the offer. Two days later, multiple arrests were made in State House over the dubious deals.

A similar amount of money like that which he had been promised was recovered.