September 19, 2019

Watch your words Mr President, LSK warns

President Uhuru Kenyatta during a fresh round of campaign on September 2 in Nakuru []

The Law Society of Kenya has cautioned President Uhuru Kenyatta against issuing “unfriendly” statements at the Supreme Court.

This is after Friday’s ruling where his election was nullified and fresh elections ordered within 60 days.

In a statement on Saturday, LSK President Isaac Okello took issue with Uhuru’s statement on Friday in Burma Market, Nairobi, where he described the Supreme Court Judges led by Chief Justice David Maraga as “wakora” (thugs).

Uhuru said should he win in the second round, he will “fix” the Judges.

From this, Okello noted “Ominously declaring that they (judges) should wait for him (President Kenyatta) after he is successful in the coming fresh election is unfortunate and wholly inappropriate remark from the Head of State who under the constitution is a symbol of national unity, enjoys immunity from criminal and civil proceedings and must promote and enhance the unity of the nation,” quipped the President as quoted by Daily Nation.

Okello went on to state Uhuru in his capacity as head of state, has a duty to uphold the norms of the Constitution which include respecting the Judiciary.

“This obligation extends to respecting, upholding and safeguarding the rights of the Chief Justice and each of the judges of the Supreme Court of Kenya under Article 28 to have their inherent dignity respected and protected and to the fundamental freedom under Article 25 from degrading treatment.

“Those remarks violate this obligation and are condemned unreservedly by the Law Society of Kenya,”

He defended the Supreme Court Judges saying they performed their role as officers of the Court.

By Pharis Kinyua. He’s an online Journalist and an author for Jamhuri News