Welcome To ‘Pwani’ in Kitui as Ngilu launches Kenya’s first-ever dry land beach

Kalundu Eco Park
Kalundu Eco Park in Kitui town. It is a Kenya's first-ever dry land beach. [Photo: Charity Ngilu]

The coastal city of Kenya’s Mombasa City is characteristic of long, white sandy beaches which makes it so appealing to Kenyans and tourists from around the world.

Lamu, Kilifi and Kwale beaches are also a huge attraction to both domestic and international tourists.

However, it is unimaginable that there would be a dry beach in Kitui, a county in Ukambani known for its arid nature throughout the year.

On Tuesday, Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu opened the country first-ever, dry land beach at the in Kitui Town.

The man-made beach was namedd Kalundu Eco Park which broke the record in becoming Kenya’s first dry land beach.

Kalundu Eco Park sits on a 30.9 acres of lands which has been developed for recreational purposes and has a dam siting in nine acres of land.

“This is Kitui’s Man Made Beach at Kalundu Eco Park in Kitui town. The first dry land beach in Kenya. We have literally brought the Kenyan Coast into Kitui. A 30.9 acre recreational development that includes a 9 acre dam we are developing to harness Kitui’s tourism potential,” Governor Ngilu captioned a photo of the park on her Facebook page.

She said that the developers are seeking to build a floating restaurant on the site and have water sports such a jet skiing to draw more people to the county.

Ngilu said that the park will allow those who are unable to travel for Christmas outside Kitui town have a good time as they enjoy the feeling of having a beach in their own town.

Some of the residents hailed Ngilu and Eco Park project over the launch saying that the new beach will improve the economy of Kitui.

“Amazing and awesome job, it will go a long way to improve economy of Kitui and by extension improve living conditions of kitui people,” Jared Jaro Mariita said.

Amos Ole Tin’gai added that “You are doing an amazing job….from industries to recreational centres like this that will be a great source of income for women and youth, you deserve a place in the national political discourse. All the 46 slaying governors should benchmark with Kitui.”