What if it was Kenyan Athletes that lied in Rio like Americans did?

What would be the world’s reaction had it been Kenyan athletes caught vandalizing property and faking robberies while peeing horrendously in public places and then lying to authorities?

Don’t even start imagining. It actually happened when a Kenyan sprint coach was caught wearing a colleague’s badge so as to gain access to the dining hall after his bosses spent all the monies meant for his lunch with their mistresses in the same Rio event.

His case was automatically upgraded to a doping one and he was deported immediately, by his own bosses-the government! Probably to save them some extra nights in Rio with their ”carry-on” women.

There was no single attempt made by Kenyan officials to have him explain what had actually happened. The deputy president was quite vocal condemning the doping allegation from Rio showing the world how strict Kenya is in law enforcement. Very strict in deed because Anzrah wasn’t even ”held” in Rio to tell his side of the story; like we’re seeing with the Americans who lied to have been robbed at gun point despite surveillance videos showing them being the aggressors.

Whenever a Kenyan is on the international spotlight, government officials have often distanced themselves from the issue. Save for Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) who have saved the nation in many situations; some of which required diplomatic intervention.

It’s disturbing to imagine how Anzrah spent his flight time back to Nairobi knowing so well his innocence. Certainly they got him the cheapest and longest 40hrs flight, for the 9,000 miles long spontaneous journey that ended with a despicable hospitality at JKIA.

Unlike the American swimmers who’re still enjoying bed and breakfast in Rio as investigation continues, our aged coach who was discourteously extradited told the world the truth upon landing at JKIA; and no sooner had his story reached the media, than the International Olympic committee cleared him of any wrongdoing and apologized for what they called ”horrible mix-up”.

I bet if these swimmers were from Kenya we would be talking of a multi-million fine and permanent banning of the team. This evening an American was disqualified for stepping off the lane just like Kemboi did yesterday. US Olympic Committee was so quick to appeal while our officials yesterday were most likely busy on Hotwire looking for cheap ticket for our poor Kemboi. Shame! 

We can’t blame the International Olympic Committee, we are our own enemy. Developed nations have always upheld The principle of the Responsibility to Protect, while our African culture has predominantly made us protect the foreigner’s rights before our own.

It’s about time that Kenyan government officials learned how to address matters of international concern. Rio has been the best pedagogue, the hardest and most embarrassing way to learn some basic housekeeping tips.

By Thuothuo Anthony-Jamhuri News