When Chris Kirubi shed tears in front of his employees at Haco Industries

Chris Kirubi
Chris Kirubi. [Photo: Star]

The late Chris Kirubi has been praised for the mentorship role he played in the lives of many successful people.

Every day, he gave a motivational quote targeting the youth who he was so passionate about.

On the other hand, Kirubi cut the image of a man who was fiery given his success in life. But he had a weak side to him just like other people despite his billionaire portfolio.

On Wednesday during a prayer service for the late tycoon, Daniel Onyango, a boss from the Manufacturing department of Haco Industries said Kirubi was compassionate and treated his employees like family.

“At Haco we used to refer to him as Daddy. We are a family. As you may all be aware, Dr Chris or Daddy had a number of companies but I believe that Haco was next to Dr Kirubi’s heart.

“Dr Chris had his people at heart, he was a great man. When I talk about Dr Chris, I will take time to talk about what Daddy liked, what he disliked, and what passion he had. He believed in empowering people, touching and transforming lives,” he said.

He recalled an instance in 2006 when Kirubi broke down in front of his employees. He said Haco was so dear to the deceased.

“I remember back in 2006, when he came over for a visit. There was a scenario whereby a department within the factory had some grievances. So when they heard Daddy is around they boiled up, saying they want to talk to Daddy. He called them in his office. It was like making a lot of demands.

“Daddy got to understand exactly what his people were going through, and some were critical demands. So after hearing everything, I remember Daddy asked, ‘I have the capacity to automate this process, and when I do this I can remain with 20 people, what will your families feed on?’ Nobody answered. ‘And when I do this, how will your kids go to school?’ Nobody answered, Daddy, shed tears. That made me know that Daddy had a heart for people,” Onyango recounted.