Why Kenyans returning from the diaspora are investing heavily in Malindi

Malindi. [Photo: Kenya Safari]

Kenya’s coastal region is now a bedrock for Kenyan investors in the tourism sector after returning from the diaspora.

The Mutahi’s – Lydia Mutahi and Marian Mutahi – are a perfect example of a paradigm shift in the coast.

The two sisters have lived in the US and Italy for 15 years and 20 years, respectively. But they know no other better place to live in other than their motherland Kenya.

They settled in Malindi upon their return to Kenya. They both have invested heavily in tourism with the hope of bringing in more tourists to the country from the connections they established when abroad.

Malindi is a leading tourist destination in the country. It is a haven for local and international tourists.

Over the years, Malindi has been a second home for Italians who invested heavily in Kenya’s tourism sector, leaving the market one by one.

This has created an opportunity for Kenyans to invest in the sector.

A walk through Malindi surprises you with high-end property developed in the area by Kenyans in the last couple of years.

The two sisters say this is their new life in Kenya after living abroad for over a decade.

They appealed to Kenyans in the diaspora to consider investing in the tourism industry to map out their comeback to the country.

In most cases, Kenyans in the diaspora invest in real estate and farming which they fall back to upon their return to the country.