‘Wife Material Show’ cost me endorsement deals worth millions – Eric Omondi

Wife Material
Eric Omondi with participants of his wife material show. [Photo: Courtesy]

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has for the first time spoken of the losses he has incurred in business deals following his unpopular “Wife Material Show”.

The show was publicized across his social media channels little did he know that it would cost him corporate endorsements worth millions of shillings.

Speaking during a radio interview with Radio Maisha Thursday, he said that he lost endorsements from among others, a betting company.

The company, just like several others which pulled off, cited the “unethical content” in the show which set tongues wagging on social media.

“I lost a lot. They said, ‘Our product is family-oriented. We do not know what you are doing with your brand- kissing girls’,” he recalled.

He added: “Luckily, I am the most followed personality in Kenya. I feel very blessed and thank my fans. It is because of them that I get endorsements. Sponsors see these followers who are fans and actual people, who love and follow me.”

Omondi hit out at a section of critics saying that a majority of them were women who were “just jealous”.

The show attracted more criticism than praise when it went public.

The comedian got a lot of bile from a section of Kenyans, notably Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua.

Mutua called out Omondi for launching a “raunchy show” in the name of entertainment.

He said that it was promoting immorality disguised as an act of video content creation.

An irked KFCB boss said that the comedian was running a “brothel” in the name of Wife Material Show.

“So there’s Corona but this fool has been kissing multiple girls and recording these videos in the name of comedy. Another morally bankrupt socialite is recording more videos teaching these young girls how to have sex with Omondi in the devilish mentorship program known as “Mombasa Raha.” The facility in Lavington that was opened with hype ostensibly as a studio is nothing short of a brothel. It’s a place where girls are being sexually abused and degraded in the name of art,” he said.

Mutua called for the arrest of the comedian saying that he was exploiting women.