Matatu breakdown saved me from death, wife of Subaru driver shot in Thika Road says

Thanks to a PSV matatu caught up in a traffic jam, Susan Wangari would be dead.

Wangari is the wife of Daniel Gucoma, a businessman who was shot dead by thugs along Thika Road on Tuesday afternoon.

He was driving along the service lane a few meters from the entrance for Kenyatta road when three thugs on a motorcycle emerged and shot at him multiple times before fleeing.

Wangari recounts that her husband called her asking for car documents from their house. He was to pick them at Gwa Kairu and so she boarded a matatu but it developed mechanical problems and was caught up in traffic jam.

Gucoma had already arrived at the pick-up point and grew impatient as he was about to make a car deal which is why he was waiting for the documents.

He called her severally and she informed him that she was held up in traffic plus the mechanical issue. It is then that the deceased asked her to send the documents in soft copy – via WhatsApp and proceeded to Thika to execute the deal.

“He felt he could not wait for me any longer as he was getting late for the business in Thika. We agreed that I should share details of the vehicle he wanted to sell and the TIMS account details via Whatsapp.

“As we were being transferred to another public service vehicle a few minutes past 3p.m.. I got a call from my friend, informing me that my husband had been involved in an accident at Gwa Kairu area near Spur Mall,” she recalled.

She quickly boarded another vehicle which is when she got to the scene of the accident and found her husband had been rushed to hospital.

“I boarded another vehicle to the scene only to find he had been moved to Thika Level 5 Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival,” she stated.

His car, Subaru Forester SG9 had 24 bullets sprayed on it.

Gucomo was battling two criminal cases in Machakos and Nakuru. In Machakos, he was facing robbery with violence charges.