Willis Raburu falls ill in the middle of morning show, wheeled to hospital

Willis Raburu. [Photo: Courtesy]

Citizen TV host Willis Raburu was on Monday morning forced to step out of his show after developing health complications.

Raburu has been hosting “Sporty” show every Monday morning alongside Tijan Swila and Steve Shitera.

Following the abrupt pull out from the show, Raburu’s fans were shocked.

In a statement on his social media pages, he apologized and explained that he fell ill in the middle of the show.

“So sorry had to unceremoniously disappear from TV this morning on Day Break. I fell ill mid-show and had to leave. I’ll be okay,” he stated.

He thanked his co-hosts for steering the show without him.

Raburu was taken to hospital where he is receiving treatment. It is still not clear if he was admitted or not.

A week ago, Raburu spoke of his struggle to lose weight.

He said that he has a new resolution for 2021 which is shedding off weight in the next six months.

“I feel like I need to do it for me not for people. I have a six-month target. It’s going to be an interesting six months. We are going to be praying against calories,” Raburu said.

Addressing the issue about his weight, the journalist admitted he was not okay with his weight.

“I finally get to talk about this thing that has been heavy on my mind! I admit I need help with my weight,” he said.