Woman in ‘fake gold dealer’ Kevin Omwenga’s shooting records statement

kevin Omwenga
Kevin Omwenga. [Photo courtesy]

A Tanzanian woman who was seen in the company of Kevin Omwenga who was shot in his Kilimani apartment on Friday night has recorded her statement with the police.

The woman seen briefly on CCTV footage that the DCI is combing through appears cosy in the company of Omwenga.

They got into the apartment along Galana Road in Kilimani at 10 pm and were shortly followed by Robert Ouko, the murder suspect minutes later.

In her statement to the police, she said that she did not know the deceased much because “they were only getting to know each another”.

She said that once in the house, they were in the company of Ouko and Wycliffe (Omwenga’s brother) in the living room.

Ouko requested to have a minute with the deceased and they headed to his bedroom from where a loud bang moments later.

It is after this that Ouko emerged from the bedroom “looking confused” according to Wycliffe who also recorded a statement with the police.

Both Wycliffe and the Tanzanian woman who Omwenga had just picked from her house in Ngara did not know what the discussion between the deceased and Ouko was.

In an autopsy report shared by Chief Government Pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor on Tuesday, indicated that the bullet that killed Omwenga was shot at close range and may have killed him instantly.

Dr Oduor said that it pierced through his lungs and heart which caused intense internal bleeding.

“The bullet exited in his back area after going through his vital organs. It looks like someone who died instantly. With the injury to heart, he had little chance of survival,” said the pathologist.

Ouko, who is in custody together with businessman Chris Obure whose Ceska pistol was used in the shooting told police that the incident was an accident.

When asked to verify this, the pathologist said it is hard to determine if or not it was an accident or intentional.

“It is hard to answer (whether the incident was accidental) because that is based on the circumstance. When I look at the bullet, it was a close shot and entered his body at an elevated angle,” he averred.

Omwenga, 28, had raised eyebrows over his meteoric rise between 2016 and 2019 since he quit his commission-based car sale profession in Lavington.

He led a flashy lifestyle with his recent car a brand-new Porsche Panamera valued at KSh 14 million. He had also bought a Range Rover Sports Hse and lived in a Sh150, 000 apartment in the high-end estate.

Police are now trying to piece together evidence to ascertain if the deceased had been dealing in the fake gold sale as has been touted.