Woman sues Senate Speaker Lusaka for Ksh200,000 monthly upkeep

Kenneth Lusaka
Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka. [Photo: Captial FM]

Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka is in the eye of a storm over a paternity dispute with an unidentified woman.

Through her lawyer Danstan Omari, the woman claims that Lusaka has neglected his duties of the unborn child.

She says Lusaka has failed to take care of all her pre-natal needs including clinic appointment costs.

The woman now claims Ksh200,000 per month in support for her unborn child or a lump sum of Sh25 million if unable to meet his monthly obligations.

Omari told the court that Lusaka has been in a relationship with his client since 2018 and only ended it in May 2021 when she told him that of the pregnancy.

“The cause of their disagreement was exacerbated by Lusaka’s insistence on terminating the pregnancy, a proposal that the applicant declined to accede to and now she is three months pregnant and counting since she discovered that she was expectant of Lusaka’s child as she has not been intimate with any other man other than the respondent, a fact that can be confirmed through a prenatal paternity test,” court papers read in part.

Currently, she is undergoing pregnancy complication which she is fearful could lead to a miscarriage.