June 19, 2018

Women of Hope Mother’s Day Dinner- Chelmsford, MA (Videos+Photos)

 By Thuothuo Anthony | Boston, MA

The Women of Hope on Saturday held a colorful Mother’s Day dinner in Chelmsford Massachusetts. The event, which was organized by the group, attracted over 200 women from the Greater Boston Area.

Guest speaker, Rev. Dr. Jane Wanjiku of Mitzpah Ministries -California, encouraged the women to perceive what the Holy spirit has instilled in them.

Let me tell you women in Boston, you have an incredible reputation across the country, your unity is renown, now may the Lord take you to the next level of that goodness.” Said Rev. Jane preaching at the event.

The vibrant women enjoyed the fete with songs and dances, climaxing it with a fashion show where groups of women took to the floor displaying their splendid outfits and dance moves.

The event was made even more luxurious by the on-site photographer –Thuothuo Studios, who took and printed their pictures instantly for them to take home keepsakes from the glamorous event.

Enjoy some photos and videos from the event below