Wrongly parked car led to discovery of Peter Ndigwa’s killing by Caroline Kagongo

Peter Ndwiga
Peter Ndwiga. [Photo: Courtesy]

The whereabouts of Peter Ndwiga, the second victim of Corporal Caroline Kangogo’s killing spree could have remained unknown were it not for his car parked at a bus stop.

Investigations by the police reveal that he parked the car in an undesignated area in Juja.

He did this since he was to meet his killer for a quick drink at Dedamax Hotel.

But, things changed, and he found himself in a room with Caroline as his car obstructed other vehicles.

It was towed to Juja Police Station, unaware that the owner took a bullet to his head.

Ndwiga’s wife tried to reach him but couldn’t, therefore, she went to Juja Police Station, where she found her husband’s car towed.

It is then that reports were made to the police of a man murdered in a room at Dedamax Hotel.

When they arrived, they found car keys with a holder written Toyota Probox KDB 506U.

Odinga was a security consultant, and preliminary investigations reveal she got acquainted with Caroline due to the nature of his job in the security sector.

Blood was oozing from his head, and a 9mm cartridge was found in the room.

Caroline took off at midnight. She was captured by CCTV cameras at the hotel leaving in the dead of night.

Ndwiga was her second victim. She shot Police Constable John Ongweno in a similar style at the Kasarani Police Station in Nakuru before fleeing on Monday when she also murdered Ndwiga.

DCI has alerted the public to be cautious because she is “armed and dangerous
Her parents have asked her to surrender and answer for her crimes.