Former rugby star Benjamin Ayimba critically ill, family appeals for Ksh2M

Benjamin Ayimba
Former Rugby Sevens coach Benjamin Ayimba. [Photo: Standard]

Former rugby player Benjamin Ayimba is appealing for medical aid from Kenyans.

Ayimba has been in and out of hospital for the better part of 2020 and was recently referred for specialized treatment to treat cerebral malaria.

He is currently in hospital and has an outstanding medical bill of Ksh2 million.

His health is said to be deteriorating rapidly and specialized treatment is all that can save his life.

“Benja has been in and out of hospital since late 2020 after being diagnosed with cerebral malaria. His condition deteriorated rapidly, and he needs out help more than ever.

“We are appealing to all well-wishers to help contribute towards getting him the best medical treatment possible and back on his feet again.  The current bill stands at 2M.”

Ayimba who was the best-ever Rugby Sevens Coach has been in hospital for the last three weeks. He is in the HDU and cannot recognize anyone or talk.

His family says they tried to keep this from the public but the huge hospital bill has made them come public in aa bid to seek funds to help Ayimba get the much-needed treatment.

His son Brian – the eldest – said that they have to clear the Ksh2 million hospital bill before transferring him to Kenyatta National Hospital for specialized treatment.

“The family thought it was not going to be this serious. So, we didn’t want to cause alarm but where we have reached now, we call upon the rest of the country to come to our help,” Brian told the Standard.