October 19, 2018

NASA, Jubilee rejects US, Israel push to form government of national unity

Both Jubilee and NASA coalitions have strongly resisted the push by the US and Israeli governments to form a government of national unity.

A source within NASA told the Standard that “It is in the public domain that the US and the Israeli governments want Kenya to have a government of national unity. But as far as we are concerned, such talks with the opposition leader have not taken place.”

Leader of Majority in Parliament said they are not interested at all in such an arrangement because they cannot work with an illegal administration.

“We are not interested in joining Uhuru and Ruto in forming a government. We cannot be part of an illegitimately elected administration,” said Mbadi.

NASA co-Principal Musalia Mudavadi later rubbished claims that US-Israeli governments are pushing for formation of a government of national unity.

“We are unaware of the push by the US and Israel for a government of national unity. The push by US and EU for Raila to stop the swearing-in plan is in the public domain and isn’t in good faith. None of the affiliates of NASA wants to be part of Jubilee, a monster we have denounced. We are for substantive changes to achieve fundamental electoral justice for the posterity of Kenyans,” Mudavadi’s spokesman, Kibisu Kabatesi quipped.

Jubilee Party through Secretary General Raphael Tuju and Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja denied knowledge of US-Israel push for formation of a national unity government.

They instead rapped NASA for threatening President Uhuru Kenyatta and pushing him to dialogue through the oath plan.

Yesterday, US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec held brief with Minority Leaders from both Parliament and Senate John Mbdai and Moses Wetangula respectively.

In their meeting, he urged the two NASA honchos to advise Raila Odinga against his planned swearing-in on January 30.

He told them to push for national dialogue which will lead to inclusivity and strengthening of institutions but not a parallel swearing-in ceremony.

“As we have indicated, the US is of the view that there is need for a national conversation on how to strengthen institutions, address the question of inclusivity, the question on governance and how to deal with corruption. US remains strongly committed to national dialogue in Kenya,” said the Ambassador.

Godec warned against Raila’s swearing-in saying that it will push the country to anarchy.

NASA, however, seems unmoved by Godec’s advice as it insists on carrying on with the oath plan.

“This idea of swearing-in Raila is being used to scare Jubilee and must come to an end. If Raila wants to swear himself in, he can go ahead. There is only one way to become president in Kenya and Uhuru is the legitimately elected president,” Sakaja said.



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