Allan Aaron ended our marriage after travelling to the US, ex-wife narrates

Allan Aaron with his ex-wife Ann Shiko. [Photo: courtesy]

Everything had been going on well for Ann Shiko and her celebrity husband, Allan Aaron, a gospel star in Kenya.

Unknown to her, the granting of a Visa to the US for her husband would become a thorn in their marriage.

As soon as Aaron settled in the US, his ex-wife says that he completely forgot about her and their four kids.

Speaking recently to Kenya Diaspora Media, Shiko recounted that they had agreed Aaron will continues supporting his family even when in the US.

Trouble set in a few months into his stay in the US. He allegedly stopped receiving calls from Shiko and family. Eventually, he blocked her.

Shiko was left with the daunting task of raising their four kids alone. Her business in Nairobi which she had hoped Aaron would help her expand it crumbled.

She recalled an incident where one of the musicians based in the US lost a brother. He had to fly back for the funeral.

As a family friend, Shiko attended the funeral but never knew that Aaron would also be attending the same funeral. He flew back to Kenya without telling his wife.

“I met some of his musician friends in the burial and I told them that he was doing so well in America without knowing that he would be in that funeral,” she recalled.

In a chit-chat during the funeral, the musician told her that Aaron would be attending the funeral. She was shocked but this was just the beginning.

“I was so shocked to hear that. Just when I thought about why he had decided to come without telling me, I turned and saw him, looking healthy and very smart,” she went on.

Not thinking straight, she walked away and saw her parents-in-law’s car parked nearby. Aaron’s mother, father and brother travelled from Elburgon to Nairobi where they picked Aaron at the airport.

With a lot of unanswered questions, she went home and prepared a delicious meal. She even promised her kids that their father would come check up on them

More shock followed her as Aaron never showed up.

“I did not call him but I called his dad to ask him to request Allan to send money for his children.”

Two weeks later, the gospel artiste showed up in a huff and packed his clothes in a suitcase, unmounted the TV told her that it was all over.

She is now raising their four kids alone.

By the time of publishing, Aaron had not responded to the claims made by his ex-wife.