Diaspora Now Set to Benefit from New Concept Developed By Optiven Subsidiary Company

Optiven's project in Kiambu

Paid Promo: Optiven Group has been working on a new concept, #YourRentYourWealth, which is aimed at helping thousands of Diaspora who have rental properties back home. The concept also helps in buying homes for Diaspora too – all due diligence is done, paperwork, transfer process, etc.

This concept which is now already running is bound to help the Valued Diaspora property owners to get amongst other benefits:

-Screening for Good and quality tenants
-Assist you to get maximum rental value on time
-Make sure that your property Enjoys full occupancy round the year

-Help you to have your rental property transformed, repairs done & income statement sent online

– Source ready houses and conduct due diligence for those who want to buy or sell

-So far, this product has been implemented in Nairobi and its surroundings as well as Nakuru, Mombasa and Eldoret.


The test has been done by PMC Estates, which is a subsidiary of Optiven Group – (Website: under the leadership of Peter Kariuki (Team Leader. No: 0711550550 Email: [email protected]

The response from customers has been amazing & extremely inspiring

See a testimony that recently hit George Wachiuri email from one Diaspora client who had suffered from unforgiving relatives:


Dear Optiven Team leader,
I just wanted to write briefly to inform you that Peter, Eunice & Mary @ PMC Estates, are doing a very commendable job as my property agents. Mostly, bosses only get to hear the negatives about their employees…but am really happy with their services…the communication is prompt & courteous, the funds are deposited as per contract, and the breakdowns of deposits and expenses are precise.

Please reach out to them and thank them on my behalf…they did not ask me to write to you but I like to give credit where it’s due. I will definitely recommend PMC Estates to my Family & Friends.

May God continue blessing you, your family and all those you serve & work with.


Peter Njuhigu Mbugua
Dallas, Texas, USA.
Property owner- Ruiru

So, PMC Estates and its products are getting such positive appraisal from clients.

What Next? – Your Rent Your Wealth


Bring all your houses to this able and very transparent team of 50 staff, PMC ESTATES has an irresistible offer to manage your property for free, for the first 4 months. This offer is valid for only to those who call us Now the unique offer is extended for the next 30 days.

Optiven Group is keen to continue making your life much more easier, less stress for your hard earned investment, as we add value to you and as we also keep on creating more jobs for our country men and women.

Join our vision today and together, let us economically and socially empower and Transform our great society .

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