July 17, 2019

Diploma graduate invents a solar-powered vehicle

A prototype of a solar-powered car in Eldoret. [courtesy]

A student at a local polytechnic in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County has warmed the hearts of many with his super model of a solar-powered car.

Samuel Kerubo, 30, displayed his prototype invention to the public in Langas, Eldoret.

The car can cover a distance of 50 km every day.

The engineering behind the car is solar panels fitted on its roof which take up the energy from the sun and later convert it to electronic energy.

“The solar car is taking advantage of the panels that collect the rays from the sun then convert them into electronic energy then the electronic energy will be stored in the batteries then you can use the energy from the battery to drive the wheel,” explained the Electrical Installation diploma graduate from Kitale Technical Polytechnic according to the Star.

Kerubo’s solar-powered model car weighing 120kgs heavily depends on gravity when descending. It has three solar panels.

“The solar panels have a total of 260 watts which is a lot of energy,” he said.

He said he wants people to embrace such innovations which are geared towards embracing clean sources of energy to manage their day-to-day activities.

He also called on the government to come up with systems that will allow the manufacturing of solar-powered vehicles.