July 20, 2019

Government to shut down media house that’ll announce election results

ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru has warned media houses against announcing election results saying any media outlet that does this will be shut down.

He said the role to announce election results belongs to IEBC and not any other.

“Hata Nyinyi (even you) you are not IEBC. The Constitution gives IEBC the responsibility to announce election results. Nobody else,” said the CS at Endarasha Boys’ High school.

He added that should any media outlet go ahead and announces the results, his ministry will shut it down.

“If the media tries to announce election results, hata hiyo tutafunga (we will shut it down),” he warned.

However, he said media has been allowed to tally but not to announce and publish.

“We have allowed tallying wherever they are but announcing and publishing is for IEBC. The media is not the IEBC,” said Mucheru adding elections will be free and fair.

His warning comes after several other warnings from the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) barring the media from the same.

And just last week, IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba banned any streaming of provisional results for the media like in the past.

He said the move is aimed at containing tension and violence that is informed by such provisional results.