September 22, 2019

Preparatory schools in Kenya that charge more than US colleges

By Jamhuri News Reporter

Brookhouse School students. Photo: Brookhouse website

International School of Kenya (ISK) has been rated as the most expensive school offering international curricula in Nairobi, a survey by The International Schools Database survey reports.

It takes a parent $27,000 (sh2.7 million) to educate one child at the school for a year.

The report shows that Nairobi elite schools’ fee is much more than that of elite schools in other developed cities in the world.

A case in point is Amsterdam which charges $5,940 (sh594, 000) per year. Other high-flying cities like Cape Town, Kuala Lumpur, Doha and Abu Dhabi have their fee at a third of what Nairobi elite schools charge.

According to the Business Daily, Andrea Robledillo of the International Schools Database states that the high fee is due to high education standards in the schools that offer international curricula.

“The survey suggests that the high price is in part due to high-quality education and costs,” states Andrea.

ISK is owned by the US Embassy and Canadian High Commission respectively.

Rosslyn Academy together with Banda School and Kenton Preparatory School in Nairobi tie at the second most expensive schools in Nairobi, charging sh 1.5 million per year for a single student.

Hillcrest, GEMS Cambridge, Brookhouse international schools respectively charge sh1.4 million per year and Braeburn’s annual fee stands at Sh1.3 million.

Dr. Bitange Ndemo of University of Nairobi School of Business notes that: “The elite schools offer holistic learning that captures crucial aspects such as leadership skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving, all of which are essential in today’s job market and innovation space.”

But the most expensive of all international school is Shangai International School in China where school fees is sh3.4 million ($33,396) in a year.