Questions as British national escapes from Mtwapa Remand Prison

A female British national mysteriously escaped from police custody. [Photo: Courtesy]

Police in Mtwapa, Kilifi have launched a probe into an incident where a British woman who had been held in remand managed to escape last week on July 24.

The British national, Joanne Goodman, escaped from Mtwapa Remand Prison where she had been held for four months for being in the country illegally.

Goodman was forced to spend months in the correctional facility since international flights had been suspended at the time of her arrest.

The court in its ruling directed the Immigration Department to deport her after finding her guilty of being in Kenya illegally. Her Visa had expired, her lawyer Morris Mkhan argued in court during hearings.

Preliminary findings indicate that she befriended guards at the remand facility. It is out of this friendship that the guards warmed up to her and she would be let out of her cell to go and do her washing.

On the fateful day, she is reportedly said to have asked a warden, a constable by rank, to escort her to the hanging lines to get her clothes but she was never to get back to her cell.

The warden in question cannot explain how this happened.

“The officer could not explain how she sneaked and disappeared from the station,” a police report reads in part.

Police are continuing with investigations although nothing much has been said about their next course of action.

In the past, suspects have managed to escape police custody mostly by using force against police officers while being escorted to court.

Last year, a group of four robbery with violence suspects escaped from Sagana Police station where they had been held.

They cut metal bars at the rooftop of the cell and escaped.