January 16, 2019

Visa services for American Embassies still working despite funding blow

Visa services at American embassies including the US Embassy in Kenya are still working. [www.nation.co.ke]

Kenyans seeking to travel to the United States can still get a visa from the US Embassy in Kenya despite an ongoing government shutdown.

The State Department has confirmed that visa issuing will still go on in American Embassies to the point where funding takes the processing.

“At this time, scheduled passport and visa services in the United States and at our posts overseas will continue during the lapse in appropriations as the situation permits,” read a statement from the Department according to Daily Nation.

“This website will not be regularly updated until full operations resume, with the exception of emergency safety and security information,” it further read.

Key government operations have grinded to an unprecedented halt after US Senators failed to achieve the required vote that would have extended funding for government operations by at least four weeks on Friday last week.

US Senators were required to pass a Bill extending federal funding to around mid-February which would vouch for continuity of services.

Earlier in Congress, the Bill had passed but it was dealt a blow when a threshold of 60 Senators was not met to endorse it.

The funding Bill had initially passed in Congress but senators failed to achieve the required 60 votes to endorse it.

This is the first time such a massive shutdown has hit thee Donald Trump led state in spite of having a majority Party at the White House.

Yesterday, the American Resource Centre at the US Embassy in Kenya was shutdown.

The American Embassy in Kenya on Monday said the centre will remain closed until further notice.

“In accordance with instruction from Washington, the American Resource Center at the US Embassy in Nairobi is closed until further notice. We appreciate your understanding,” read a statement from the consulate in part.

The centre is located in Gigiri, in one of the complex housing the US Embassy has over time played host to journalists, researchers, teachers among other professionals who have an inclination to learning more about the US.

At the centre, Law, legislation and justice; Health and HIV/AIDS, media and information technology and US society and values are among the common topics covered.



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