February 23, 2020

Golden Pearl Properties one-on-one meetings at PCEA Neema Church- Lowell MA, financed by Co-operative Bank

The following is a paid advertisement

From The Chairman: ”Golden Pearl Properties Ltd is one of the leading real estate companies in Kenya.
The firm has a Solid portfolio that covers investors of all income brackets with exciting returns on investment.

Golden Pearl has properties that are being financed by Co-operative Bank of Kenya at competitive interest rates.

They are currently in Lowell Massachusetts and will hold one-on-one meetings on July 30th at PCEA Neema Church, 201 Coburn St. Lowell MA- after the service.

For more info, kindly call the Chairman Mr. Peter Mahu Muthee +1 747(220)2658 or Kelvin +1 747 (220)2473
You can also meet them at Radisson Hotel & Suites Chelmsford, at your convenient date and time before the main event on 30th July.

”You can’t afford to miss these Great Investment opportunities where money works for you” says the chairman.”

Website: http://www.goldenpearl.co.ke