IG Mutyambai transfers Charles Owino after expressing interest in Siaya governorship

Charles Owino
Police Spokesperson Charles Owino. [Photo: Star]

Charles Owino who has been serving as the National Police Spokesman has been moved.

Owino is now the deputy director of Kenya National Focal Point on Small Arms and Light Weapons (KNFP).

The Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai communicated the changes in a notice dated May 8, 2021.

KNFP cardinally acts as a linkage between the focal point secretariat and the focal committee which connects the civil society and the government.

KNFP was constituted in 2003 and it has its membership from different government ministries and civil society. International agencies are also represented in KNFP.

Owino has held the spokesman position for years now and has defended the police multiple times from criticism.

His transfer comes shortly after he announced that he will be vying for the Siaya governorship.

Close sources say that his decision to join politics rattled his superiors which warranted his transfer as the 2022 General Elections approach.

Owino in February met a section of ODM elected officials from Siaya to pitch his bid for the seat.

He said that he is set to retire soon now that he is 50 years and he deems politics as his next call for duty for the people of Siaya.

“I never wanted to declare my political interest here today but because my father has reminded who am I not to show you a direction, you are aware that next year people will declare interests on various positions and as a person who has worked in government, my age will have clocked 50 which allows me to resign,” Owino was quoted by the People Daily.

He fired a warning shot to those eyeing the seat saying his entry changed the political landscape of Siaya.

“I know that the seat will attract many contestants including Senator Orengo and I hope he and other potential contenders are much prepared for the race or else they will be disappointed at the ballot box.

“I have worked in the police service and I am prepared to win. I am your son and I have in the past not been close to ODM and its elected leaders due to the nature of my work and now that they are in the system, I have sat with and enjoyed the leaders’ company,” he added.