August 24, 2019

Kenyan teen in Sweden jailed for rape, to be deported after jail term

By Jamhuri News Reporter

In what started as a fun night in November, four girls in a town near Stockholm were making merry and having a good time together.

One of them decided to make the night even merrier by inviting a 21-year-old man, Chelieu Jarara from Liberia, whom she had known for a very short time. The man then invited his buddy Fayed Mwangi, a 19-year-old Kenyan to come to with him to the same party.

When they goth there, the two men are said to have quickly began to sexually harass the girls. When a male friend of the girls who was with them from the beginning confronted them, the two men pepper-sprayed him, beat and kicked his head as he laid on the ground. 

The man lost consciousness but the two young men continued beating him mercilessly.

Subsequently, the 21-year-old Liberian uploaded a video to Snapchat and jokingly claimed to “having killed a guy”.

The victim had sustained several cerebral hemorrhages and severe external injuries according to court records.

When one of the ladies tried to intervene, it is reported that she was strangled by the 19-year-old Kenyan man, pushed her against the wall and slammed her on the ground and then went to get the other girl whom he dragged to the bedroom pulling her hair. The young man is said to have then raped the girls as he choked them.

The ladies were rescued by a neighbor who heard the screams and stormed into the apartment.

The district court of Solna sentenced the 19-year-old Kenyan to two and a half years in prison for dangerous bodily injury and rape. The court took into account another case where the same man had raped another Swedish woman and included the case in the verdict.

After being released, the 19-year-old is to be deported to Kenya. His colleague, the 21-year-old Liberian was jailed for three years for serious bodily harm. Deportation was not mentioned in his verdict despite having other numerous criminal offenses including theft, resisting arrest, and serious bodily injury.